This seal was designed and drawn by New Kent resident Edward M. "Eddie" Kurzman and adopted by the Board of Supervisors on February 12, 1979.

The following article was written by Eddie Kurzman to describe the seal.

The Official  Seal  of  New Kent County Virginia

These three figures of our early heritage represent the strength and courage it took mankind with homemade implements, faith and the love of freedom to carve a future out a wilderness and bring us forth to the pride and statue we have today.

Our progress and future can only be believed in and appreciated as we view in this day and age the monuments they left us in such structures as The Old Tavern (Ordinary), the many beautiful old plantation houses and the fine old churches still standing today to indicate the strength, pride and faith of a united people.

The Indian represents those who were here when the white man came, whose daughter, Pocahontas, saved the life of Captain John Smith in this very County and from whom the settlers learned many things about survival in the wilderness.

The Black man represents all black people who lived and worked in this area and through their blood, sweat and tears contributed greatly to the building and development of our many natural resources.

The White man came first from England and then later from other countries - All with the same hopes and dreams for a new life with political, economic and religious freedom.

Our inheritance from the Indian, the Black man and the White man, studying, working and worshiping together is the culture we share in our New Kent County today.


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