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Robert's Rules of Order, 1915 -- on line
Robert's Rules of Order, 1915 -- on line  
Reglas de Procedimiento de Robert -- 1915 Edition, Intro in Spanish
Jefferson's Manual, 2nd, 1812 --  on line
Reed's Parliamentary Rules, 1894 -- on line
Robert's Rules of Order, 1st, 1876 -- on line
Warrington's Manual, 1875 -- on line 
Cushing's Lex Parliamentaria Americana, 1856 -- on line
Cushing's Manual of Parliamentary Practice, 7th, 1854 -- on line  
Articles on Electronic Meetings, NAP -- on line
Source Forge links to Electronic Meetings -- on line
Parliamentary Procedure Instructional Materials Center
Open Directory - Parliamentary Procedure
The Native American Talking Stick

American Institute of Parliamentarians
National Association of Parliamentarians
The Official Robert's Rules of Order Site

Journal of the Virginia House of Burgesses
1659-1660, 1693
1695-1696, 1696-1697, 1698-1699, 1700-1702
1702/1703-1705, 1705-1706, 1710-1712
1712-1714, 1715, 1718, 1720-1722, 1723-1726
1727-1734, 1736-1740
1742-1747, 1748-1749
1752-1755, 1756-1758


Catalog Virginia House of Burgesses

Hening's Statutes of Virginia
Volume I
Volume II

Parliamentary Procedure Books, a Bibliography
The Order and Course of Passing Bills in Parliament

List of Robert's Rules of Order Printings
Trout's Top Ten Rules of Order 
How to Fly the American Flag
Pictures of Robert's First Six Editions
Robert's First Edition Article
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