Medical and EMS Links

Medical Dictionaries and References
Medical Dictionaries
Online Medical Dictionary and Spell Checking
Dr Conditions and Concerns Medical Encyclopedia
RxList - The Internet Drug Index
American College of Emergency Physicians
US Department of Transportation - EMS Division 
MEDLINEplus - National Institute of Health
Center for Disease Control 
S Food and Drug Administration - Drug Information
Acid-Base Balance Tutorial
Med Math for the Nursing Student
Adventures in Neuroanatomy:  Parts of the Nervous System
Brain Trauma Foundation
Basics of EKG Interpretation:  A Programmed Study
Wolff-Parkinson-White (WPW) Syndrome

EMS Training Sources and Schedules
Approved CE Classes
Henrico Fire and EMS
EMT - Intermediate
Old Dominion EMS Alliance -- 2003 Prehospital Care Protocols
Virginia Office of Emergency Medical Services
Virginia EMS Regulations
National Association of EMS Educators (NAEMSE)
National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians (NAEMT)
Basic Trauma Life Support (BTLS)
Prehospital Trauma Life Support (PHTLS)
Advanced Medical Life Support (AMLS)
Geriatric Education for Emergency Medical Services (GEMS)
Pediatric Education for Prehospital Professionals (PEPP)
Pediatric Prehospital Care Course (PPC)

EMS Simulators
Marshall University Assessment
EMS Low Stress Simulator
Interactive Trauma Scenarios

Stethoscope Sounds
McGill Virtual Stethoscope Project
The Auscultation Assistant
The R.A.L.E. Repository

Encarta Encyclopedia
Diabetes Mellitus

Lists of EMS Web Sites:
Emergency 911 WebRing (892 Sites)
Emergency Services WebRing (201 Sites)
EMS WebRing (392 Sites)
Fire-EMS WebRing (963 Sites)
Paramedics WebRing (95 Sites)
Dispatchers' WebRing (33 Sites)
WebRing Search - Find lots of Other WebRings
EMS-Fire Links
EMS Links - LookSmart

Other Links:
APGAR or Newborn Scoring
Medicine - Cardiology
Mistovich Prehospital Emergency Care
Divers Alert Network
American Red Cross
Diecast Ambulance Collection
Bryan E. Bledsoe, DO, FACEP, NREMT-P
Wrecked Exotic Cars

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