The Order and Course of Passing Bills in Parliament 
Photographic Reproduction: 2010

Edited by Stran L. Trout

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This volume is a photographic reproduction of The Order and Course of Passing Bills in Parliament [Wing H218], printed in 1641 for I.[J.] Benson from two originals in the library of the editor.

The book was an anonymous and unauthorized printing of a manuscript version of William Hakewillís The Manner of How Statutes are Enacted in Parliament by Passing of Bills / Collected many years past out of the journals of the House of Commons, written between 1610 and 1611. 

According to the Hakewillís Preface, his treatise was written thirty years before its publication and based on his reading of the Journals of the House of Commons beginning with the first year of King Edward VI. Manuscript copies were distributed by Hakewill to friends and associates.  The unknown publisher of this volume, beat him to the printer with a draft of Hakewill's book, producing one of the earliest books on modern parliamentary procedure and the first such book after the Elizabethan Period.

In the preface to his edition Hakewill stated:

"Those my collections, I imparted many yeeres since to some of my friends (which being by the length of time multiplied into very many copies) one of them (and I thinke the falsest written of all the rest) was without my knowledge lately printed, and by negligence of the Printer, the errors of the copies were much increased, insomuch that it pleased the honorable house of Commons (because it concerned their orders) to take notice thereof, and take some order therein by which I was induced to make this publication, being otherwise very unwilling to have appeared in print, and to have subjected my selfe to publique censure." (Note: This statement is repeated in later editions with some changes in spelling.)


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