New Kent Community Development Corporation

Established to encourage and promote community self-empowerment through the development of economic, educational, employment, and affordable housing opportunities.



April 24, 2019  Budgeting and Financial Management Workshop 6:30 to 8:30 pm at Second Liberty Baptist Church, 8140 George W. Watkins Road, Quinton, VA 23141.  Sponsored by the New Kent Community Development Corporation"Strengthening the Community for Self-Empoweerment" is a financial literacy workshop provided by Workforce Development.  This workshop is designed for younger and older adults to learn the importance of budgeting and financial management.  A spaghetti dinner will be served from 6 to 6:30 pm.  There is no charge for the workshop or for the dinner.  RSVP to or call 804 932-4245 for more information. (rescheduled from April 10)


Past Events

March 3, 2018 Common Cent$: Steps toward Financial Freedom from 10 am to noon at Second Liberty Baptist Church, 8140 George W. Watkins Rd., Quinton, VA 23141 Budgeting - Personal Goal Building - Avoiding Fraud - Daving vs. Spending - Implications and Management of Credit.  This will begin a series of FREE workshops and educational programs focused onb financial literacy for all ages.  This specific workshop will give introductory information on steps to building wealth.  RSVP to 


The New Kent Community Development Corporation supports:

New Kew Kent Parks & Recreation Summer Program
Born to Be Great Program
Success By 25
Preparation for College Programs at local churches
New Kent Community HELP Day



Who We Are

The New Kent Community Development Corporation (NKCDC) , a non-profit organization was established in 1995.  NKCDC is governed by a Board of Directors who include corporate, educational, and community representation.  Its mission is to promote and encourage areas of community development and empowerment through numerous initiatives.  The overall goal is to strengthen the community with self-empowerment, employment, and economic opportunities all while creating a stable and safe environment for the County of New Kent and surrounding areas. 



The NKCDC is established to provide assistance and services in the following areas:

Expanding Opportunities available to residents to own, manage and operate business enterprises; furthering the development of locally-owned or operated business enterprises in such area; assisting said residents in developing entrepreneurial and management skills necessary for the successful operation of business enterprises by residents and assisting residents in obtaining such financial support from other sources.

Furnish management, administrative and other business advice, support, training and technical assistance to residents in order to enable them to develop the necessary skills to operate business ventures successfully.

Provide positive guidance and coping skills to youth who have been judged as at-risk, through a program of cross-cultural awareness, conflict resolution life skills, grade and adult mentoring and tutorial assistance.

Become a Member

The NKCDC would like to invite you to become a member of this organization. New Kent has many talented residents with various skills, and the NKCDC believes that you are a valuable resource to this organization. In order for NKCDC to be an effective community development organization, your involvement is needed. If you are interested in being a part of the NKCDC or have any questions, please contact our office at (804) 932-4245. Together we can make a difference.

The NKCDC meets on the first Monday of each month at 7 pm at Second Liberty Baptist Church on Watkins Rd in Quinton.


8140 George W. Watkins Road, Quinton, VA 23141
Phone 804-932-4245


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