Parliamentary Procedure Books
A Bibliography
Second Edition

by Stran L. Trout

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This is a new edition, updated and expanded with 100's of books added, and includes listings of:

Known Printings of Pocket Manual of Rules of Order for Deliberative Assemblies by Henry M. Robert, 

Known Printings of Rules of Proceeding and Debate in Deliberative Assemblies by Luther S. Cushing, 

Known Printings of A Manual of Parliamentary Practice by Thomas Jefferson, and

Parliamentary Procedure Books Before 1800


  Stran L. Trout is a retired Virginia attorney, a past member of the New Kent County, Virginia Board of Supervisors, a Professional Registered Parliamentarian Retired with the National Association of Parliamentarians, a member of the American Institute of Parliamentarians, and a member of the American College of Parliamentary Lawyers.
  He has been involved in parliamentary procedure and has been collecting books on parliamentary procedure since 1974.
  He is the author of Board Meeting Procedure in Virginia - Formality in Local Government Boards (available from the Virginia Association of Counties), and editor of a reprint of The Order and Course of Passing Bills in Parliament, originally printed in 1641. (Available on this site)
  He maintains parliamentary information and a list of printings of Robertís Rules of Order on his web site:

Update - November 26, 2021

American Institute of Parliamentarians, Comparisons of Parliamentary Authorities, 2nd, 2013, 55p, AIP Education Department
Teacher's Guide to Using Fundamentals of Parliamentary Procedure, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 2014

The Ready Parliamentarian, 1911, 38 numbered pages, Rinaldi Printing Company, is listed with the author ďSr. E. C. S. R.Ē The author is Sister Esther Charlotte, S. R. of St. Augustine, Florida

Ashby, Richard L., Will of the Lodge, A Parliamentary Law Guide for Freemasons, 1st, 1990, 170p, Ashby Publishing, Frat Canada

Baird, John E., A Guide to Conducting Meetings: Simplified Procedures for Everyday Use, 1965, 77p, Abingdon Press

Barry, Annie Little, Manual of Parliamentary Usage, 1900, 14p; 2013 Reprint, Isha Books

Beauchesne, Arthur, Rules and Forms House of Commons of Canada, 1st, 1922, 313p, Canada Law Book Company, Limited; 2nd, 1927, 500p, Canada Law Book Company, Limited; 3rd, 1943, 899p, Canada Law Book Company; 4th, 1958, 567p, The Carswell Company, Limited; 5th, 1978; 6th, 1989, 451p, Carswell Legal Publications, Govt, Canada
Reglement Annote et Formulaire de la Chambe Des Communes du Canada, 4th, 1964, 597p, The Carswell Company, French text translation by Charles Michaud

Bethel, L. C., A Compendium and Question Book of Parliamentary Law, Revised Edition, 1921. 77p, Self Published

Bierbaum, Dr. Gene (Eugene), The Parliamentarian of Tomorrow, 2010, 85p, Xlibris Corp.
How to be a Parliamentarian: A Guide for all Aspiring Parliamentarians, 1st, 2004; 2nd, 2014, American Institute of Parliamentarians
Enchiridion of Parliamentary Procedure, 1995, National Association of Parliamentarians.

Blackmore, Edwin Gordon, Manual of the Practice, Procedure and Usage of the House of Assembly of the Province of South Australia, 1st, 1885, 251p, (reprint) Dalton House; 2nd, 1890, Authority Adelaide, Govt., Australia

Blanshard, Paul, How to Run a Union Meeting, 1st, 1923, 35p, Workers Education Bureau Press; 2nd, 1925; 3rd, 1927; 4th, 1934; 5th, 1934; 6th, 1935; 7th, 1937; 8th, 1938; 9th, 1939; 10th, 1945; 11th Revised, 1948, Workers Education Bureau of America, Union

Briggs, Robert, Robertís Rules of Order - A Complete Guide to Robertís Rules of Order, (no date- refers to RORNR 11th edition), 47p, Lightning Source UK Ltd.

Brumbaugh, Elder H. B., The Church Manual, Revised, 1911, 62p, The Bretherenís Publishing House

Butcher, Miriam, Editor, Fundamentals of Parliamentary Law and Procedure, The Rules of Procedure for Deliberative Assemblies, 1st, 1987; 2nd, 1992, 432p; 3rd; 4th, 2014, 400p, AIP

California Congress of Parents and Teachers, Inc., Parliamentary Procedure Study Course Workbook, 1973?, 24p
Parliamentary Procedure Study Course Answers

Clarke, Noel J., Dr., Parliamentary Procedures Pocket Guide, 1st, 2019, 153p, KINGS-SVG; 2019, 177p, Revaluation Books

Clemons, Calvin K., The Perfect Board, 2005, 110p, Synergy Books; 2008, 110p, Ovation Books

Clydebank Media, Robertís Rules Quick Start Guide, the Simplified Beginnerís Guide to Robertís Rules of Order, 2016, 81p, Clydebank Business.

Cochran, Alice Collier, QuickStart Guide to Robertaís Rules of Order, 2009, 103p, Published by the Author

Committee on Womanís Work (Listed in Shawhanís Parliamentary Text Book, Revised, 4th, 1941:
The Presiding Officerís Guide...25c
The Essentials of a Properly Conducted Meeting...25c
The Secretaryís Companion...25c
The Treasurerís Handbook...25c
Presiding over an Election...25c
A Key to Parliamentary Law...25c
A Convention Guide for Presbyterial and Synodical Meetings...25c
Complete Set of Seven in Case...$2.00
Shawhanís Parliamentary Text Book, Revised, Fourth Edition...65c
Novel Parliamentary Club Drills...25c
Order of Business for Club Meetings...10c
Some doís in Parliamentary Procedure...10c
Some Doís for Officers
Recording Secretary...10c
Corresponding Secretary...10c
Installation of Officers...10c
Order of Business for Circle Meetings...10c
The Parliamentary Handbook for the President...$5.00

Cotton, Sir Robert, That the Soveraigns Person is Required in the Great Councils, or Assemblies of the State, 1679, 15p
The Antiquity and Dignity of Parliaments, 1679, 13p, Reprint

Cox, Homersham, Antient Parliamentary Elections, A History showing How Parliaments wre Constituted and Representatives of th People Elected in Antient Times, 1868, (modern reprint) 200p, Longmans, Green, and Co., Govt. United Kingdom

Delete: Craig, Laura Harris, Lessons in Parliamentary Law, Revised, 1925, R. G. Badger.

Erwin Craighead)
, Lessons in Parliamentary Law, 1st, 1914, 175p +index, W. B. Delchamps Printing Co.
Lessons in Parliamentary Law, Revised, 1925, 353p, R. G. Badger

Cummings, John, Robertís Rules of Order: A Comprehensive Guide to Robertís Rules of Order, (no date prior to 1976), 78p, CPSIA; 2020, Ingram Publishing

Cushing, Luther Sterns,
The Blue Book of Parliamentary Law, 2013, 252 p, printed by Book on Demand, Ltd. This may be a reprint of the 1947 edition printed by John C. Winston Co. Which also shows 252p

Davison, Mabel Clarke, Manual of Plain Parliamentary Procedure, 1st, 1949; 3rd, 1952, 79p; 4th, 1955, 5th, 1957, 79p

Department of the Secretary of State of Canada, Glossary Parliamentary Procedure - Lexique Procedure parlementaire, 1988, 46p, Canadian Government Publishing Centre

Daniels, Gene; Casey, Larry, Parliamentary Procedure and Effective Union Meetings, 2009, 83p, Union Communication Services, Inc.

Dingwell, Tony, Dingwellís Rules of Order for Email Meetings, 2018, 62p

Doe, Mary L., Rules for the Conduct of Public and Private Meetings,[late 1800's] 26p, Hurley Bros.

Dunbar, Shane D., Parliamentary Procedure Skill Sheets for Handling Motions, 1st, 1995, 92p
Dunbarís Manual of Parliamentary Procedure Test Questions, 1st, 1993; 2nd, 1997, 245p

Dopping, Anthony, see E., H. S.

E., H. S., Memorials of the Method and Maner of Proceedings in Parliament in Passing Bills, 1658, 115p, Printed by Henry Hills and John Field, Govt GB

Elsynge, Henry, Modus Tenendi Parliamenta in Hibernia, Published out of an Antient record by the Right Reverend Father in God Anthony, Lord Bishop of Meath, to which is added the Rules and Customs of the House gathered out of the Journal Books from the time of Edward VI, 1772, 84p, J. Milliken, ECCO Reprint
The Ancient Method of Holding Parliaments in England, (Derived from a manuscript written by his father in 1626), 4th, 1679, 371p, Printed for Thomas Dring, [Wing E646] Govt, Great Britain

English, Thomas Dunn, The Rules of Order Governing Public Meetings, 1887, This book is sold as a reprint indicating Thomas Dunn English as the author. However, a note from the seller admits that English never wrote such a book. Inside of the cover is a reprint of a book of the same name and date written by F. M. Payne.

Ericson, Jon M., See James Slaughter
Ericson, Jon M., See Murphy, James J.
Ericson, Jon M., Motion By Motion, A Commentary on Parliamentary Procedure, 1982, 174p
Ericson, Jon M., Murphy, James J., Zeuschner, Raymond Bud, The Debaterís Guide, Revised Edition, 1987, 146p; 3rd, 2003, 122p; 4th, 2011, 127p, Southern Illinois University Press 

Estep, Andrew L., See Macfarlane, Ann G.

Evans, Paul, Essays on the History of Parliamentary Procedure - In Honour of Thomas Erskine May, 2017, 368p, Hart Publishing

Everts, William Wallace, Pastor's Hand-Book, 3rd, 1848, 72p, Lewis Colby & Co. (10 pages of parliamentary procedure)

Fleming, Mrs. Hampton, The Heart of Parliamentary Law, 1st, 1930; 2nd, 1936; 3rd, 1938; 4th, 1942; 5th, 1946; 6th, 1947; 7th, 1949, 43p, Self Published

Francis, Fred and Peg, Democratic Rules of Order, 1st, 1994; 6th, 1998, 72p, Francis; 7th, 2000, 72p, Gordon Soules Books; 8th, 2009, Cool Heads Publishing; 9th, 2014, 76p, Cool Heads Publishing; 10th, 2019, 104p, New Society Publishers, Canada

Freeman, Wm. Marshall and Abbott, J. Carson, The A. B. C. Of Paraliamentary Procedure - A Handbook for use in Public Debate, 1906, 127p, Butterworth & Co.

Garrett, Donald, Donaldís Guide to Robertís Rules
, 2010, 91p; 2011, 100p, Createspace

Gaston, Henry A., The Ready Lawyer or The Business Menís, Farmersí, Mechanicsí, Minersí, and Settlersí Legal Advisor, 1883, 704p, Reprinted in 2015 by Gyan Books Pvt. Ltd., Delhi, India

Gilkes, R. K., The Tudor Parliament, 1969, 192p, University of London Press, Ltd. The London History Studies, Number 5

Glick, George J., Parliamentary Practice and Group Discussions, 1968, 148p

Gordon, Ted H., Summary of Parliamentary Procedure, An easy way to learn and Use, 1st, 1988; 2nd, 1996; 3rd, 2013, 53p, 4th, 2018, 67p

Gorman, Elizabeth F.
, Parliamentary Law, 1936, 57p

Gorman, Mrs. John S.
, Parliamentary Law, 55p

Gray, Jarrell D.
, Questions and Answers from Parliamentary Guide for Future Farmers of America, 1983, organized by Larry Ermis. Texas A&M Vocational Instructional, FFA

Green, Betty S. and Klausman, Jane M., Participate With Ease: A Meeting Guide Based on Robertís Rules, 1st, 1991; 2nd, 1992; 3rd, 1994, 25p

Grumme, Marguerite, Letís Plan Programs, 1959, 16p, Self Published
Letís Pamper Our Group Public Relations, 1959, 16p, Self Published
Letís Install Correctly, 1959, 16p, Self Published
Letís Study New Procedure Trends, 1973, 16p, Self Published

Haines, Elijah Middlebrook, Parliamentary Law, or Rules of Order for Deliberative Assemblies, 1884 (1885 printing), 171p, Legal Adviser Publishing Co.
A Compilation of the Laws of Illinois Relating to Township Organization and Management of County Affairs, 1881, 530p, E. B. Myers & Co. [Section on Town Organization including Meeting Rules], Govt. Illinois

Hanson, A. H., Wiseman, H. V., Parliament at Work, A Case-book of Parliamentary Procedure, 1962, 358p, Stevens & Sons, Govt. Great Britain

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Principles of Parliamentary Law, 1934, 101p, A. W. Hubbard
Questionnaire: Principles of Parliamentary Law, (circa 1934), 11p, Hawley Institute of Parliamentary Law
Summary: Principles of Parliamentary Law

Henderson, Melvin; and Rucker, Herbert J., A Guide to Parliamentary Practices, (no date (1930's-1940's)), 32p, The Interstate

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Hill, Ivy Graham, (4 Pís) Pertinent Points in Parliamentary Procedure, 1952, 45p

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Principles and Practices for Baptist Churches, 1980, 598p, Kregal Publications (chapter on rules of order)

Holsey, Bishop L. H., A Manual of the Discipline of the Colored Methodist Episcopal Church in America Including Decisions of the College of Bishops, and Rules of Order Applicable to Ecclesiastical Courts and Conferences, 1895

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Parliamentary Law Training Guide No. 2, 37p, NAP
Parliamentary Law Training Guide No. 3, 35p, NAP
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Robert, Henry M., Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised, 7th, 1970, 594p; 8th, 1981, 594p; 9th, 1990, 706p; 10th, 2000, 704p; 11th, 2011, 716p; 12th, 2020, 714p (See Appendix I for more printings of Robertís Rules of Order)

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A Text Book for the Study and Teaching of Parliamentary Law
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2007 10th Edition in Chinese 583p

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Date Total Number Pages Rank Publisher
( ) 5,500,000 500,000 716 General Da Capo Press
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2015 in Chinese, 220p, Truth & Wisdom Press, Author: Henry M. Robert, III

2020 (12th Edition)
Date Total Number Pages Rank Publisher
( ) 6,000,000 500,000 714 General PublicAffairs

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1888 192p New Edition Wm L. Allison

The Order and Course of Passing Bills in Parliament

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